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Backup and Archiving solution on AWS - Best Cloud Services providers

The Client is one of the largest amusement park operators in India, headquartered in Bangalore. It operates three amusement parks in Kochi, Bangalore and Hyderabad and one resort in Bangalore.

They have around 115 workstations and 5 servers which span over its 5 locations. An enterprise application runs on the on-premise infrastructure and includes online booking, mailing & active directory systems. The internal IT team manages the on-premises infrastructure. The data size is around 14 TB.

The problem

The Client had data losses at its workstations due to multiple reasons. Data could not be restored in time to meet the service level and compliance requirements. The workstations’ and servers data backup were managed on an ad-hoc basis at the branch level. Considering the frequent losses of data, time to restore and problems arising from easy access to backups, the management of the client decided to store backups & archived data at a centralized site for 3 years.

In evaluating options, they factored in availability, scalability, security, performance, and cost as essential parameters that must be evaluated across different option. After evaluating several on-premise and cloud solutions from different providers, the client decided to backup and archive data to the cloud. It selected Crimson Cloud as it’s implementation partner to set up the backup solution, migrate the data and manages the cloud infrastructure.

Proposed Solution

The Client decided to use CrimsonVault backup application for data backup from on-premises to durable and scalable storage in the AWS Cloud.

CrimsonVault has two components: CrimsonVault Portal and CrimsonVault Agent. The CrimsonVault Portal is used for remote management of endpoint accounts and monitoring of backup & restoration process. CrimsVault Agent is used to schedule backups and restoration of data by the endpoint user. Deployment of agent is done with an agent installation link that is sent to the end-users. The end-user installs the agent software and authenticates with the CrimsonVault portal.

The CrimsonVault application automatically compresses and uploads data from the endpoint to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and archives it on Amazon Glacier over the Internet. The data is encrypted at rest using AWS 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). To lower the latency, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Glacier have been created in the nearest geography, which happens to be the AWS datacenter in the South Zone of Mumbai region.

If the user experiences a data loss, using CrimsonVault allows they can restore from backed up data up to 90 days. The administrator has rights to retrieve and restore data older than 90 days from Amazon Glacier to Amazon S3. An appropriate retrieval option can be selected based on the business impact.

Below figure demonstrates how the client uses CrimsonVault and AWS Storage for backup and archiving of data for on-premise endpoints.



To ensure data security, the Amazon S3 bucket can be accessed only through CrimsonVault to secure data from unauthorized intruders. Public access is not enabled in Amazon S3 bucket.

Access to S3 Storage is managed through AWS Identity and Access Management.The access of the endpoints is managed through CrimsonVault portal.

AWS CloudTrail has been enabled to log and monitor activities related to the actions of AWS infrastructure. The log of AWS CloudTrail is stored in the console for 7 days. Thereafter, it is moved to Amazon S3.

Crimson Cloud’s infrastructure management team uses : CloudWatch and CrimsonVault Portal to monitor usage, and backup & restoration alerts if any problem occurs, AWS Trusted Advisor to find un-used & underutilized resources and security gaps at AWS environment level and take corrective action.

In addition, the infrastructure management team uses Botmetric to analyses the past, current and future cost, and generates the report to the client.

Customer Outcome

As a result of using the AWS storage and CrimsonVault backup application, client’s backups are automated. In the event of a disaster it can recover well within it’s RTO requirements. As a result of moving to the cloud, client has lowered its capital expenditure