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Retail and Analytics Consulting Start-Up picks “Desktop-as-a-Service” from Crimson Cloud - Best Cloud Services providers

CrimsonWorks: Anytime, Anywhere, Any device access to Applications, Data, Communications and IT Services

Crimson Works from Crimson Cloud

Crimson Works is a complete, enterprise-ready “Desktop-as-a-Service” solution from Crimson Cloud, delivered as a cloud service. It comes with an anytime, anywhere, any device access to business applications, data, communications and IT services.

About the customer

The client is an outsourced back-office solution provider that brings together a specialist executive network with more than 200 person-years of experience managing international brands under different market scenarios, leading edge analyst and big data technology tools to deliver an intelligent decision-making solution quickly and cost-effectively.

The Business Challenge

As a fast-growing consulting start-up, the client Solutions works with many large retail companies worldwide.
As a company that provides insights based on large sets of data from retailers, the client must ensure that these data sets are secured – any theft or loss could be a competitive disadvantage and a loss of credibility.

As a start-up, client management also wants to optimize both its IT infrastructure and the amount of staff that are required to support the IT needs – to reduce Staff and IT spend.

However, they are also seeking a very high-performing IT set-up with high-availability and scalability to grow along with its employees and business growth. They are also seeking to provide fast and secured access to their users and customers from anywhere, using any device.


The client has evaluated Crimson Works – our “Desktop-as-a-Service” offering. The evaluation criteria were around the ease of access (from anywhere, any device – anytime) and application performance – speed, latency
around large data sets, and performance of spreadsheets (with large amounts of rows of data).

We demonstrated better performance than other providers who were evaluated and after a one-week “Proof-of-
Concept”, the client had decided to go ahead with Crimson Works.

Crimson Works is built on Microsoft Azure infrastructure and uses the Citrix XenApp XenDesktop technologies to provide secure access and improved the user experience. The solution is provided as a managed service from Crimson Cloud to ensure that in-house IT teams do not have to deal with desktop and laptop management.

Solution Benefits

  • Highly sensitive data from customers is now stored only on the cloud – even if an end-point device is lost, data is not lost
  • The client management has decided to use thin clients to access all their business apps, emails & customer data from the cloud instead of buying expensive laptops
  • As a start-up the client is not investing on in-house IT desktop management, instead is focusing on hiring key
    resources that are crucial to their consulting and analytics functions
  • The client is able to provide secure access to their employees and customers from anywhere, anytime and using any device of choice. They are confident in the fact that the data is safe and secure and not on any user’s local storage

Customer Speak

“Offering specialised and sophisticated performance reporting and merchandising decision support to some of the internationally reputed retail brands in India and Overseas, our basic requirements were non-negotiable Scalability, which is a very critical success factor with us being a start-up with growth rates in three digits, low Latency, 100% uptime and data Security, since we are accessing and analysing extremely confidential client data. Total Cost of Ownership is also very important, especially since we are a start-up. In a market that notoriously delivers only a fraction of what is promised, we were fortunate to have partnered with Crimson Cloud and MS Azure, for their constant advice and support all the way through, in being our full-time IT Manager!”
Client’s CEO, Retail and Analytics Consulting Start-Up