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Careers - Best Cloud Services providers

We are at the beginning of a new Computing era. Cloud has changed the way people think about Computers, productivity and IT ownership. The market is set to explode in the next five years, and companies That are now working on Cloud technologies and solutions are shaping the future of Cloud. Crimson Cloud is at the forefront of companies designing and delivering Cloud solutions and services to customers. Be a part of the team that drives the future of cloud.

Stop working. Start amazing.

Crimson Cloud provides a professional growth platform for those who bring energy, enthusiasm & integrity to the table. Plenty of opportunities, to capitalise upon, for people with the right attitude , the right intentions and for those who dare !!

Build, Promote and Deliver great Cloud Solutions

Whichever role you work in: Technology, Sales, Solution architecture, Marketing or operations management, you will be involved in the design of solutions that deliver value, and are engineered to be delivered rapidly with zero error.

We work as a team

Cohesive teams are force multipliers. At Crimson, we work as a team with the common goal of building great solutions and delighting customers with our service. Team work and team building are woven into the core values of the organization.

Take ownership of your work

You will have wide latitude to work independently and deliver results. Creative thinking is encouraged at all levels, and everyone in the organization is empowered to suggest ideas for moving the organization and its solutions forward.

Work matters

We have lots of fun working away at building the company. But each team member is highly committed to delivering on their KPI’s and performance is recognized and rewarded. Fun is important. But work matters here.

You will work with talented, creative and high energy people

Crimson is packed with talented people with energy levels and pound and drive the business at high speed.

As you step into the office in the morning – you will hear a bustle and rustle as people get started for the day. As the day progresses, the noise levels rise and you see people rushing between workstations to discuss and finalize solutions and sales offers. In the conference rooms, you will see teams being trained, formally dressed folks closing sales deals and partnerships with world technology leaders. Step up to the canteen, and you will hear animated and sometimes heated discussions about the merits of a new solution, or what would be a good strategy to capture an enterprise client’s business. Does this sound like the kind of place you would like to work in?

Send us your Resume, and maybe tell us a little about yourself – not just education and career, but your interests and special talents too. We are interested in knowing about you as a unique individual when we meet you.

Send your resume to :


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