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Disaster Recovery has never been easier and surer. Use Crimson’s ‘On the Cloud’ DR as a Service. Near zero RTO and RPO. No investments in identical hardware. Easy to implement solution. Always available DR.

The Cloud has drastically changed how IT functions in several domains. Disaster Recovery on the Cloud has evolved to become a quick and reliable implementation. Traditional DR calls for heavy investments in identical hardware, administration and maintenance of remote hot or cold sites with its attendant infrastructure, administrative and people costs.

Introducing Crimson’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Crimson’s DRaaS offers several benefits over traditional DR implementations, and works for organizations of all sizes

Crimson’s DRaaS is a unique business continuity solution that protects critical Windows-, and Linux-based servers in real-time. This protection allows an entire business server, its operating system, installed applications and other software components, to be recovered and hosted from another location, in a matter of minutes.

Features of Crimson DRaaS

  • Near Zero RTO and RPO
  • Recovery at the click of a button, despite dissimilarity in hardware platforms in the primary and DR  locations.
  • Test failover and recovery frequently. Builds a robust DR and increases confidence in recovery when a disaster actually happens.
  • Seamless failover of Applications to our cloud recovery infrastructure
  • Besides recovery, use the same infrastructure for development & test, backup & archive purposes.
  • Costs based on usage of VM and storage, subscription payable monthly
  • Fully Managed DR Infrastructure

You can choose to solution your entire IT as a Service, or selectively choose some of your business applications for DRaaS on the Cloud.


Feature Traditional DR Model DRaaS
Failover to DR Model Manual and time consuming Easy single click failover/failback through web portal
IT Infrastructure Failover to unlike hardware not possible Failover to unlike hardware is enabled
Recovery Time Objective (RTO) 2 – 4 hours or even more System boot start is in minutes
Seamless failover of all applications Manual activity. Not assured. Assured, Automated through Portal – all applications, with block level replication and cross-server consistency for apps that need multiple servers to run
Pay as you Grow model Expensive Predictable costs with our subscription per server per month pricing model
High downtime has to be planned Manual and time consuming Easily and frequently test the failover and recovery
Replication overhead on production performance High replication overhead costs Low replication overhead since replication is imbedded in automation engine

Opt for
Crimson’s DRaaS

Here are some more good reasons to setting up and running your DR on the cloud with Crimson’s DRaaS

  • Lower RTO, near zero, due to our service delivery automation almost eliminates client down time and avoid heavy business damages
  • Access to recovery infrastructure remotely, time lost in travel to recovery center is eliminated
  • Recovery on un-like hardware eliminates excessive attention and costs in building similar hardware
  • Failover testing is easy unlike traditional DR. Frequent testing and recovery ensures that when you actually have a disaster you can be very sure of recovery
  • Our ‘cross-server consistency’ feature ensures client applications run seamlessly when their servers failover to our cloud recovery infrastructure
  • Besides recovery, our Always Available Virtual Machine service element can also be safely used by client for test & development, backup & archive purposes.
  • The data center is in multiple zones in india located in the safest seismic zone, and least natural disasters in India.

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