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CrimsonWatch proactive monitoring maximizes application uptime and reduces costs. We work round the clock to keep your services up and running.


Crimson never sleeps. We are watching your cloud round the clock through the year. CrimsonWatch maximizes the uptime of our customer’s Cloud Infrastructure, applications and services. We achieve this by proactive monitoring, using a wide range of tools. The tools vary in complexity, depth of reporting, and the services they monitor. Our teams are trained in managing and interpreting hundreds of metrics generated by these tools.

CrimsonWatch – what we monitor and manage



Our teams monitor all the vital parameters of the target device, application and service. We use multiple tools and methodologies for proactive prevention of downtime. We collect hundreds of other parameters that have an indirect or not so apparent impact on performance. During troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis, all these variables are analyzed for cause and remedial action taken.

All critical parameters are monitored and alerts generated for service degradation. Logs are analyzed for root cause analysis.


Web applications are routinely monitored by our teams for availability. Non-responsive applications generate immediate alerts and our teams swing into diagnosis and remedial action mode.

Application performance monitoring is a specialized and highly customized service.

We set up alerts and escalations for application non-availability.

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Clients typically implement a range of security measures on the cloud to protect Cloud services, applications and infrastructure from a wide assortment of threats. Intruders, The team regularly scans and remediates all published vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered. We regularly analyze Security Information for identifying any vulnerabilities in the security posture or technical configurations.

Attackers and active threats generate security alerts. Some present real danger, and some are false-positives. Our Security team constantly monitors these alerts and the emergency response team takes immediate remedial action against serious threats. Our teams are also trained and experienced in forensic analysis and tracing the source of attacks.


Our monitoring tools generate alerts, with severe warnings being automatically converted into support tickets for immediate attention. For high traffic, critical servers, we can enable auto-scaling triggered by monitoring alerts.

The remediation teams analyze alerts, conduct a root cause analysis and take corrective action to restore the infrastructure and services back to peak performance.

Choose from a
range of our

CrimsonWatch offers a range of plans suiting the criticality of your application. Need a custom plan or have special requirements? We even develop a bespoke offering.

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Our services are designed to maximize uptime, and minimize fault related downtime. We do this by monitoring your cloud services round the clock. Remediation is handled by a team of experienced and industry certified Engineers. They are SME’s, L2 and L3 engineers.

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