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Internet Threat Protection - Best Cloud Services providers

Cloud with Crimson. Experience Security Assurance – Our Security team helps implement tools and processes to protect your Cloud services from threats on the Internet. We will also help you comply and stay compliant with security standards such as PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 and SOX.

Design & Plan

A methodical approach to implementing Security in the Cloud
With inputs from the compliance requirements assessment or from a general Security assessment, we develop an implementation design and a corresponding implementation plan. Our implementations will invariably address details such as:

  • Choice of a Cloud provider based on subscription costs, Security compliance and practices
  • Bill of Material on the Cloud based on the Security design
  • Cloud services that need to be procured (including configuration and Security settings)
  • Security processes that need to be followed
  • Security monitoring parameters
  • Incident management procedures and associated process automation
  • Systems and processes to prevent configuration drift

We execute several post implementation procedures for Security Assurance
After any first time implementation, we have some standard post implementation processes such as:

  • Testing the implementation to ensure that the implementation is according to the design
  • Testing the application performance
  • Performing another vulnerability assessment
  • Running a penetration test to check for vulnerabilities and
  • Remediating vulnerabilities, if any, with updated Security configurations

Watching your Cloud for Security threats and breaches round the clock
Once the Security implementation is done, your Cloud is monitored for:

  • Application availability
    – Load balancing, infrastructure availability
    – Set up application backup and recovery plans, along with recovery processes
  • Application performance
  • Web application Security with
    – Malware and Virus protection
    – Application firewall for protection against OWASP and Internet Security threats

Assessment &

Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing

We can assess your infrastructure and services for vulnerabilities and perform a penetration test on them. These services are packaged separately to enable you to assess your Security levels, report and remediate any vulnerabilities found during the test.

Find and fix Security holes in your Cloud before the attacker does
Vulnerabilities are typically caused by configuration errors in applications and services, or on account of Security holes in the software. We can perform a Vulnerability Assessment of your infrastructure and services. The assessment comprises scanning all internet facing devices and applications to detect vulnerabilities. The report of the scans is:

  • Analyzed to filter out false positives
  • Identify the patch levels and versions
  • Apply the right Security patches and reconfigure the service to plug the vulnerabilities

Our Security teams recommend monthly Vulnerability Assessments to minimize chances of successful attacks because of software or application vulnerabilities.

Simulate attacks on your Cloud to test how strong your Security is
Penetration testing involves systematically testing the security of the infrastructure and services (including applications) to find vulnerabilities and attempt to safely exploit them. Penetration testing requires the use of both automated as well as manual tests. We have the tools, security expertise and trusted manpower to perform these tests. The tests:

  • Ensure that the vulnerabilities fixed after the Vulnerability Assessment are indeed fixed
  • Reveal any additional Security holes sought to be exploited

Our test experts ensure that there is no data loss or data modification during the course of the tests, since these tests are done under operational conditions.

Crimson Cloud recommends that each Vulnerability Assessment of your infrastructure and services be followed up with a penetration test.


Choose a Security plan that best meets your needs. We can also create a customized plan for you.

Security Managed Services provided by Crimson Cloud covers management and maintenance of the configuration of Security devices, as well as an overall monitoring and support of services. This service, independent of the Cloud provider as well as the customer is packaged into basic and advanced services, available on a monthly subscription.

Basic services include:

  • Troubleshooting Security issues
  • Customer alerts upon vulnerability detection
  • Basic DDoS prevention
  • Basic CDN for content optimization
  • Website traffic analysis (24 hour prior data)
  • DNS and DNS Security management
  • Custom page rule configuration for https traffic redirection
  • Auto minify Javascript, HTML and CSS for performance optimization
  • Log analysis
  • Maintenance and modification of URL filters
  • Blocking malicious URLs
  • Periodic Security reports

Advanced services include:

  • Configuration of Web Application Firewalling (WAF)
  • Maintenance and management of WAF rules
  • Analysing traffic to the site; detecting and blocking malicious traffic
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) and content optimization,
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for security compliance issues
  • Periodic security reports
  • ‘Geo Blocking’ to reduce attack probability from countries where application access is not required
  • Website traffic and thread analysis from different geographic location (6 hour prior data)
  • Advanced DDoS protection
  • SSL certificate management
  • Accelerate the delivery of Dynamic content

Why Secure
your Cloud
with Crimson

  • Our experience straddles traditional IT, Hybrid IT, Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds
  • Our Security consultants are well versed with various security standards and their implementation on the Cloud
  • We have the capability to automate your compliance to various Security standards, and automatically correct any configuration drifts
  • Our processes and automation helps you easily generate compliance reports
  • We have the expertise, tools and partnerships to protect your infrastructure and applications from malware, viruses and various threats on the internet
  • Our Technical Security experts are trained and experienced in configuration and management of a wide range of Security tools from leading vendors
  • Our team has several years of experience in design, build and management of Security across a wide range of IT environments on-premises and on the Cloud
  • We monitor and manage Security of your Cloud services 24 x 7 x 365

Looking to secure your Cloud?
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