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Enjoy easy implementation of AWS cloud computing with Crimsons's end-to-end expertise

Cloud computing is being used extensively by companies and individuals these days. Cloud computing has the advantages of flexibility, storage, sharing and easy accessibility. However, the implementation part can be really complex. Architecting a simple solution like email, requires a bunch of services from hundreds of listed services. And different service providers have complex pricing methodologies. Cloud computing architecture includes numerous components and sub-components that builds the structure of the system. Architecting a solution on the AWS cloud requires in-depth knowledge of Cloud Service Providers, and we have it.

Why Crimson?

Path to cloud computing is long and arduous for any organizations considering migration, and hence requires careful planning and deliberation

  • It’s a complex process and requires expertise to avoid obstacles such as, unexpected costs, interoperability security gaps and unanticipated application rework etc.
  • Where AWS only provides the infrastructure, architecture etc., a client has to know very specifically which service they are looking for and then implement and manage it themselves
  • Crimson helps you choose the right provider and architect your cloud for optimizing performance and costs

What do we offer?

  • We architect solutions on cloud for our customer
  • We implement/execute end-to-end solutions
  • We provide 24/7 monitoring
  • We secure the Database, Data servers and OS for the AWS cloud storage

Crimson cloud USPs

  • ITIL compliant service management
  • Over a decade’s experience in virtualization and cloud
  • Experience certainity
  • Through the year, round-the-clock support

Get in touch

Got a storage problem with cloud infrastructure? Get in touch with our technically certified professionals and choose from a wide range of service plans that best fit your requirement.

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