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Backup on AWS - Best Cloud Services providers

Backup on AWS

The case study


The client is one of the leading specialty retail brands in India. The renowned products range from Body care, skin care, hair care, cosmetics, vitamins and so on. The client has over 3000 stores across the globe, in many countries & employs over 20000 people.

Problem Statement

The Client had multiple MSSQL databases predominantly serving its e-commerce websites. The backup of these critical databases was stored on to the on-premise storage, with manual backup schedules and verification.

The client wanted an automated, more reliable and cost-effective database backup solution.


Crimson team, after assessing the current backup infrastructure, backup processes and data retention policy, recommended the CrimsonVault backup solution on AWS Cloud storage. The Crimson Cloud team configured CloudBerry software for backing up MS SQL databases from the on-premise servers and store them in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for every three hours. Crimson Cloud team has also configured AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM profiles), Virtual Private Cloud, Amazon S3 data replication, data encryption at rest and in-transit to ensure performance, availability, continuity, and security for its backup data.


Because of choosing CloudBerry Backup on AWS, the client has successfully backed up over 0.5 terabytes of data from its on-premises storage. The recovery of data is possible within 1 hour in case of data loss due to any data corruptions, deletions or any other needs such as restoration due to application logical errors and audit purpose.

The client saved huge capital expenditure by avoiding procurements on storage systems and also freed-up the backup storage space for other application needs. The client also gained additional benefits such as 99.99% availability and 99.999999999% durability for the backup data stored in Amazon S3. Client data is also protected by leveraging the security features of AWS & Cloudberry solutions. The cost reduction benefits were achieved over 50% as compared to an on-premises backup solution.



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