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DevOps - Best Cloud Services providers

DevOps aims to foster collaboration between the Development and Operations teams, and together achieve business goals. Implementing DevOps in an enterprise is not easy and requires assessment, planning and execution by teams with prior consulting and implementation experience.

Automate your

Implementing DevOps in an organization shortens product development lifecycle, and accelerates new product and feature launches in the market. DevOps brings together the Operations and Software development teams to jointly improve processes and output quality. This is achieved by deploying tools that automate workflows, provisioning and configuration management.

As part of our DevOps consulting practice, we help you:

  • Equip your team with our DevOps toolkits
  • Automate tasks & processes
  • Move towards continuous delivery
  • Inculcate the DevOps culture of collaboration

Easy and

Automate deployment cycles to reduce manual effort, streamline testing, and accelerate development. Use custom scripts and optimize your cloud architecture for rapid scaling, instant failover, and security automation. Use of Configuration management tools such as Chef and Puppet speeds up provisioning of pre-built systems, and preventing configuration drifts.

Training and

Our technical teams understand software development processes, and their constraints. They can help you design and set up DevOps processes and tools that can help you speed up and automate your software development. Our partners offer world class training in DevOps to get your teams up to speed.

and Tools

We work with a wide range of tools – proprietary and open source. On the Public Clouds, we use automation tools built in and provided by the Cloud service providers. Our teams have expertise across a broad spectrum of technologies: Crimson OpsTheater, Chef, Puppet, Ansible and more.

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DevOps as
a Service

Get all the benefits of DevOps without the steep learning curve or management overhead

Don’t want to do it yourself? We offer DevOps as a Service for software development on the Cloud and on-premise operations. You do not need to invest in tools, training or manpower to automate your development operations. We work with you to understand your development processes and design a solution that will meet your unique requirements. The tools, management and people are ours. The processes are defined by you. We manage the entire process, and you pay us a monthly fee for our services.

Crimson Ops

A product built by DevOps professionals for DevOps

Crimson OpsTheatre brings together the most important DevOps components in a single suite. It directly addresses critical needs of DevOps in an enterprise including:
• Aligning processes
• Accelerating application testing
• Service virtualization
• Improving collaboration among different teams
• Implementing agile development approach
• Automation of IT and infrastructure

What is

Crimson OpsTheater
offers many features
to speed up the
complete Development

If you are implementing DevOps this is a ‘must have’ tool

Crimson OpsTheater is a ready-to-use stack of best-of-breed open source tools that allow you to implement DevOps practices across your organization. It is
• Enterprise-ready
• Adopts best practice
• Managed stack available as a service
• Speeds up your DevOps implementation

Who is it for?
Crimson OpsTheater is ideal for companies and organizations big & small
• Who wants to go the DevOps way
• Who are implementing DevOps already
• Who wants to go for more automation in their IT infrastructure
• With shortage in technical resources
• With budget constraints preferring to go for an OPEX approach


Benefits of Crimson OpsTheater
• Best practice DevOps toolset to reduce the number of bugs, incidents and other problems while at
the same time increasing security of the stack as a whole
• Measuring, monitoring and logging by default to avoid downtime and speed up root cause analysis
• Infrastructure as code to support agile needs
• A test suite to avoid changes made before the integrity of the infrastructure as a whole is checked.
• Communication is integrated deeply into the stack to encourage developers, IT operations and
other stakeholders to cooperate
• Scalable to let you start small and grow as you need
• A self-service graphical interface is built on top of the command line tools to increase productivity
and allow easy access to the dev and ops support tools
• Lifecycle management for software and infrastructure to speed up time to market
• Open testing platform to ensure data availability and ensure communication



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