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Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus + Activator

Application information

Download the latest version of Microsoft Workplace 2019 Professional Plus, courtesy of Hot Warez. Our transparent copy of Workplace contains the widely used KMSpico ( activation software.

Data directly from Microsoft:

Contains • Microsoft Office 2016-2019 Select Edition contains: • Microsoft Office 2016-2019 Skilled Plus • Microsoft Access 2016-2019 • Microsoft Excel 2016-2019 • Microsoft Lync 2019 • Microsoft OneNote 2016-2019 • Microsoft Outlook 2016-2019 • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016-2019 • Microsoft Writer 2016-2019 • Microsoft Visio Viewer 2019 • Microsoft Phrase 2016-2019 • Microsoft Visio pro 2016-2019 • Microsoft Project Pro 2016-2019 • Skype for Business 2016-2019 • OneDrive for Business 2016-2019 • Features Office Sharing Tools • Exclusive Profing Tools for 2019 And much more

System Requirements: OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

What's new: Version 2002: March 1

Version 2002 (Build 12527.20242) Resolved Issues Outlook Resolves an issue that caused third-party applications to be unable to send email.

Feature updates

Outlook -Send accessible emails to those who need them most: Outlook will show an email tip to help you ensure your content is accessible when sending to someone who prefers accessible content

PowerPoint – Optimize your presentation for everyone: Accessibility Checker helps you organize objects on your slides with screen readers in mind. -GIFs in an instant: one slide, one frame. Easily create looping GIFs in PowerPoint. know more

Office Suite – The Upload Center is being replaced by the Files Needing Attention experience: The Add Center is being replaced by the Files Needing Consideration experience that may appear in the Office features under File > Open. This new technology is more modern, integrated and less intrusive compared to Add Heart.

Problems resolved

Excel – This change works around an issue with certain Intel graphics drivers by taking advantage of software rendering.

Outlook – Addresses an issue that caused a meeting to be added back to the meeting unexpectedly after clearing it. – Addresses an issue that caused users to experience a noticeable delay when interacting with their mailbox folders via keyboard shortcuts. – Addresses an issue that caused users to see email sent to an address that did not match the SMTP address displayed in some cases. – Addresses an issue that caused customers to get stuck in Outlook when retrieving settings from the cloud.

Phrase – Building Blocks Organizer may display an invalid alert: "You modified types, building blocks."

Workplace Suite – Addresses an issue where Workplace updates could have unexpectedly downloaded information from the Workplace CDN instead of the intended source, such as a network location or share, or location offered by Setup Advisor.

Languages: Arabic,English,German,Greek,French,Spanish,Italian,Portuguese-Portuguese,Portuguese-Brazil,Turkish

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Download the latest version of Workplace 2019 activated and ready to install from Sizzling Warez


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