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Slash your Datacenter Capex and Opex with Vertiv SmartSolutions - Best Cloud Services providers

Setting up and upgrading datacenters is much easier and less expensive than it used to be. The traditional approach to building datacenters is to build large spaces or datacenter rooms, set up server racks and enclosures and build in necessary features such as climate control, dust containment, power redundancy to the entire room. This results in an unnecessarily large expenditure, as the protection and climate control that is required by a few pieces of equipment of IT, has to be applied to the entire room in which the equipment is housed.
A new approach to building datacenters.
Vertiv’s SmartSolutions has ushered in an entirely new approach to building datacenters and providing the necessary climate control and protection to IT equipment. Vertiv SmartSolutions is essentially integrated infrastructure for the Datacenter. They are self contained racks and modular aisles and rows with built-in cooling, power management, networking, intelligence, and remote management features.
A new datacenter, upgrade or expansion to an existing datacenter, or a smaller provision for IT equipment in the Branch office, retail outlets or Warehouses – there is a Vertiv SmartSolution product designed to Slash your Capex and Opex.


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