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Company: Wonderla Holidays Ltd

CIO: Ms. Jijy Oommen

Wonderla Holidays Ltd


About Wonderla

Wonderla Holidays Limited is one of the largest amusement park operators in India, headquartered in Bangalore. It operates three amusement parks in Kochi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad and one resort in Bengaluru. Approximately, Wonderla has 115 workstations and 5 servers which span over the 5 locations. Each location has its datacenter respectively. An enterprise application runs on the on-premise infrastructure including mailing & active directory systems. In-house IT team manages the on-premises infrastructure.

Problem Statement

Due to various reasons, Wonderla has faced data loss in the workstations. They could not restore the data on time to meet the service level and compliance requirements. The workstations data backup was managed on an ad-hoc basis at branch level including servers. 

Hence the Wonderla management has decided to store the backup & archiving of data on a centralized site for 3 years with the following business objectives.

  • Highly available infrastructure to backup and recovery, in case of data loss
  • Scalable infrastructure to increase the storage for meeting the business growth
  • Protect the security and privacy of company information to meet the compliance requirements
  • Lower the company’s capital expenditure (CAPEX) to reduce the environment’s total Cost of ownership (TCO)

Proposed Solution 

A cloud-based CrimsonVault backup application implemented to manage the backup & restoration of data from Amazon Simple Storage (Amazon S3) and Amazon Glacier of AWS over the internet from anywhere. Backup of endpoints have been segregated on the cloud storage at the user level. 

Figure 1: Architecture Diagram for Backup and Archiving of on-premises end points on AWS Cloud

Figure 1: Architecture Diagram for Backup and Archiving of on-premises end points on AWS Cloud


By leveraging Amazon S3, Glacier and CrimsonVault, Wonderla has automated the backup of their entire infrastructure servers and end user devices. This solution has enabled Wonderla to meet the RTO of restoring deleted/corrupted data within 1 hour.

Wonderla has gained data protection and geographic redundancy along with a reduction in the cost of its infrastructure footprint by more than 50 percent compared to the existing on-premises data center.






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