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Resource Augmentation - Best Cloud Services providers

Competent and experienced Cloud Administrators for your IT, when you need them, where you need them.

Cloud is new

Cloud is new and evolving. Finding skilled and experienced Cloud professionals is a challenge since very few organizations have a mature cloud practice. Most technical resources have exposure and experience on a limited set of technologies and providers. They may have experience on either AWS or Azure, but unlikely on both, and quite likely, little or no experience in traditional IT technologies such as storage, networking and enterprise computing. Our resources have cross-technology, and cross-Cloud experience.

Get Administrators with Multi-Cloud and Multi-Technology experience

At Crimson, we work on multiple Cloud environments AWS, Azure, Google and other local Cloud service providers. We also provide several managed services to our customers. As a result our Cloud Administrators have well rounded experience across multiple Clouds, technologies, vendors and services. Cloud Administrators you contract through Crimson will have depth and breadth of experience.

skill sets

We can help you with:

  • Cloud Administrators at all levels
  • Cloud Management platform administrators
  • AWS and Azure L2 and L3 Engineers
  • Server administrators for Windows and Linux
  • Helpdesk/Incident manager with experience in Cloud
  • Cloud Infrastructure monitoring Engineers
  • Cloud Security monitoring Engineers

Short term or long term

You can contract our expert engineers for short assignments or long term contracts.

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