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Gain complete visibility into IT Infrastructure changes and Data Access. Unified IT Audit Platform, tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Helps you meet Compliance requirements of PCI, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA and ISO 27001.

Unified IT
Audit Platform

A 360 degree view of your IT, designed to provide comprehensive security controls across the widest choice of systems

Monitor all IT systems and privileged user activity even if they do not generate any logs

Netwrix Auditor enables auditing of the broadest variety of IT systems, including Active Directory, Exchange, file servers, SharePoint, SQL Server, VMware and Windows Server. It also supports monitoring of privileged user activity in all systems, even if they do not produce any logs, by enabling video recording of user screen activity and later search and replay.

Who changed what, when and where?
See who made a change, when it was made, and what was changed, including the before and after values.

Is my environment secure and ready for compliance audits?
Control what’s going on in your IT infrastructure and prove to auditors that required security policies are being followed.

Who has access to what?
Find out who can access cardholder data, medical records or financial statements on your file servers and storage appliances.

Enable security controls across the entire IT infrastructure
Supporting the broadest variety of audited systems, Netwrix Auditor enables security controls across your entire IT infrastructure and serves as a single point of access to the complete audit trail.

Prove Compliance with data
Whenever you need to prove to auditors that specific processes and controls are and were always in place, prove it with data. State-in-time™ reports allow you to provide details on security configurations at any point-in-time; for example, you can provide reports on how group memberships or password policies were configured years ago.

Guaranteed Access to Audit Trail
We keep audit data archived in a compressed format for up to 10 years. You can access the complete audit trail anytime you need it.

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