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Infrastructure as a Service - Best Cloud Services providers

Commission what you need. Pay as you go. IT infrastructure brought to you on a monthly subscription: Servers, Storage, Databases, Networks, Software Defined Data Centers, Virtual Private Clouds and more. We can help you choose the right provider and architect your Cloud for optimizing performance and costs.

IT Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud Service providers have complex pricing methodologies. Architecting a simple solution, say email, requires you to choose a bunch of services from hundreds of listed services. Many of these have unique names that do not have any equivalent in On-Premise solutions. The pricing and service offerings vary widely between service providers. Architecting a solution on the Cloud requires an in-depth knowledge of Cloud Service Providers, and we have it.

Choice of
services, and
feature sets

Just about any solution on-premise can be replicated on the Cloud. You have a wide range of Infrastructure services to choose from our partners: a choice of Virtual Machine Configurations, Storage, Databases – including Oracle, MS SQL, My SQL, DNS services.

We configure and deploy high-availability infrastructure solutions. For organizations that need services access across geographies, we build, configure and manage content delivery networks . We secure your infrastructure and applications using provider in-built tools, and other security tools such as Trend Micro.

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Large Scale

Automate for precision and to save time and money

If you need to deploy a large number of Virtual Machines, manage their configuration, patch them – we have the tools and skills to automate the provisioning process across Public and Private Clouds. We use either inbuilt Cloud provider tools such as CloudFront of AWS, or third party DevOps tools to automate the provisioning to pre-determined builds.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

We monitor your Infrastructure services round-the-clock, and take proactive and pre-emptive actions to keep them up and running. Our security services protect your infrastructure from a wide range of threats and attacks.

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Infrastructure Security Compliance
and Reporting

Several organizations need to ensure that the services they deploy need to comply with Security standards such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI-DSS etc. We understand security standards and ensure that the infrastructure services you deploy will comply with the required standards.

Using Configuration Management tools, we ensure that your infrastructure always stays compliant to required security standards. Any configuration drift can be automatically corrected. If you need compliance reporting, we can generate these compliance reports easily.

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Our Skills and Expertise

Our organization comes with a legacy of over two decades of IT infrastructure solutions and services, and over a decade’s experience in Virtualization and Cloud. The engineers collectively have over 250 years of Virtualization and Cloud experience. Our Engineers also have multiple technology and Industry certifications from all the leaders in Cloud technologies including experience in design and implementation of Virtualization, Traditional IT, Hybrid IT, Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud solutions.

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