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Lab as a Service - Best Cloud Services providers

Crimson Lab as a Service (CLaaS) provides developers with unlimited capacity for development, testing and continuous integration. Use CLaaS for your Development and testing. Easily implement a culture of DevOps.


By encapsulating multi-tier environments that include VMs, networking and storage in self-contained Cloud capsules, CLaaS gives developers unlimited capacity to run unmodified applications on public clouds such as AWS or Google Cloud for purposes such as:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Integration and system testing
  • Sharing blueprint and bug status reports for team collaboration
  • Building and maintaining libraries of development and test environments.

CLaaS enables thorough testing in accurate environments
By automatically creating multiple replicas of entire multi-tier application environments in self-contained capsules that include all associated networking and storage resources, CLaaS enables QA engineers to conduct thorough software testing in environments identical to those in which products are actually deployed.

Clones of production environment for continuous integration
CLaaS solves a complex infrastructure problem faced by QA organizations committed to continuous integration as a core element of their automated testing methodology.

By easily creating an unlimited number of replicas of multi-tier production environments, CLaaS enables development and test teams to avoid build up of continuous integration (CI) testing queues that undermine their productivity. Our teams handle configuration of lab blueprint and publishing to your portal.

Adopt CLaaS and reduce your time to market.
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