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Platform as a Service - Best Cloud Services providers

Software development organizations need to develop and test their applications under varying operating conditions and configurations. The traditional approach is to build the required environments and configurations internally. However this approach calls for significant administration and management overhead from the IT teams. Given the nature of preparatory work, it also takes a significant amount of time to set up and configure the required environments, slowing speed to market.

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Use pre-built and fully managed platforms for development and testing of software and mobile applications

Traditional software development approach calls for significant administration and management overhead from the IT teams

The ‘Platform as a Service’ (PaaS) from Public Cloud service providers, provides a perfect solution for rapid provisioning of platforms for development and testing. The providers have pre-built, fully configured platforms for development and testing of applications. The platforms cut across various technologies with each provider having their own platform offerings. As a client, you only need to upload your application to the platform and run your tests. All the underlying applications, operating systems and hardware infrastructure are managed by the Cloud service provider. This allows you to focus on your product and accelerates product speed to market.

We work with Microsoft Azure and AWS to provide you a range of Platforms. Accelerate your products to market. Call us for a discussion on Platform services from Crimson.

Range of

Microsoft Azure

AWS – Platform service

AWS and Azure provide you a range of platforms to develop and test a wide range of applications

Web Apps .NET, Java, PHP, Node.JS and Python
Mobile Apps iOS, Windows and Android
Logic Apps Automate business processes – fast
API Apps & API Management Secure APIs with Active Directory, Single Sign-on and Oauth, API Management
Notification Hubs Reach all major platforms – iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle
Mobile Engagement Maximise App usage, retention and monetisation
Mobile Development AWS Mobile Hub
Build, Test, and Monitor Mobile Apps
App Testing AWS Device Farm
Test Android, FireOS, and iOS Apps on real devices in the Cloud
Development AWS Mobile SDK
Mobile Software Development Kit
API Management Amazon API Gateway
Build, Deploy and Manage API’s
Amazon SNS Push Notification Service
Internet of Things
Mobile Analytics Amazon Mobile Analytics
Collect, View and Export App Analytics

Our teams have extensive knowledge of development and testing platforms and can recommend the best provider and service that is optimal for your requirement.

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Crimson for

Some organizations seek more control over the hardware and software configurations on which they would like to build and test their applications. We can help you build pre-configured versions of the platform you desire. You can deploy the platform in a click on one or many servers across any cloud platform. Our teams leverage tools like Puppet Chef, AWS Beanstalk, Azure and others to help you with rapid build and provisioning of Dev and Test platforms.

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