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Private and Hybrid Cloud - Best Cloud Services providers

Protect your IT investments and build an agile IT by implementing a Private Cloud . Lower costs, and accelerate products to market by adopting a Hybrid Cloud strategy. We configure and implement orchestration platforms that offer you a single pane of view and unified management console for Public and Private Clouds. With a trusted partner moving your business to the cloud can be a lot easier.

needs do not
remain static

With a trusted partner, moving your business to the cloud can be a lot easier

In the dynamic world of today’s business, your needs for computing do not remain static. Adopting Cloud gives you the advantage of on-demand computing, the ability to expand or contract your requirements and the cost-efficiency of a pay-per-use model.

Cloud brings agility to IT and moving to the cloud has its distinct advantages. But any move to the Cloud has to take into account the ground realities and constraints of your business. It helps to have a partner on your side who understands the Cloud and traditional IT. A partner who not only recommends what’s right for you, but can also be with you right through your Cloud journey.

Why Private

Running out of capacity on your Private Cloud? Or need special hardware? A Hybrid Cloud model gives you the flexibility to move back and forth between Private and Public.

Private Cloud protects your hardware investments, and offers you the level of security associated with direct access to hardware.

Many enterprises choose to gain IT agility while protecting their investments in hardware by implementing a Private cloud. Another business driver for implementing a Private Cloud is the necessity of locating hardware and data within the organizations physical premises. This necessity may be driven either by government regulations, necessity to comply with security standards, or because of a desire for greater security assurance that comes with physical access to hardware resources where the data resides.

Limitations of a Private Cloud
In a Private Cloud, scalability is limited to the hardware that’s virtualized and integrated into the Cloud. Adding more capacity requires lengthy approvals, procurement of additional hardware, implementing virtualization and finally integration into the Private Cloud. This calls for investment of capital. Implementation could be done by internal teams, or external service providers. In the first instance it calls for investment of time, and money in the second. Sometimes the services required by business may not be technically feasible in the existing Private Cloud, thereby triggering deployments on the Public Cloud.

Why Hybrid

It’s a Hybrid Cloud model when an organization uses both Private and Public Clouds. They may choose to adopt a Hybrid Cloud model either for technical reasons, or to leverage the flexible Public cloud model to lower overall IT costs.

Private Cloud – How can we help?
We take an inventory of your Virtualized machines, Servers, Storage and Network and build different Private Cloud options. We develop different machine images based on your requirements. Cloud orchestration platforms are evaluated based on hardware infrastructure, software platforms, Public cloud services used or planned, and feature requirements. DevOps, SysOps. Security and Service management is built into the design. Integration of services with existing systems and processes is ensured.

We Virtualize your servers, network and storage. We implement orchestration platforms which have several features such as: Service catalog, Showback/Chargeback, Self Service , self provisioning, Quotas, Quota management, re-harvesting of VM’s, and more.

We also implement Cloud automation with DevOps and SysOps. Integration with existing Service Management tools is configured. Compliance to Security Standards is ensured and configuration management tools are used to prevent configuration drift. We monitor your Private Cloud Infrastructure for performance and security. Our Service desk handles incident, problem and change management round the clock.

Our teams have the experience of Virtualizing thousands of servers, and configuring and managing various Cloud Orchestration platforms

Hybrid Cloud – what do we do?
There are many reasons for adopting a Hybrid Cloud strategy. We can help you assess and design a solution whatever your use case may be:

  • Host packaged applications such as Email on the public cloud
  • Run a three tiered web application, with your database in your Private Cloud, while the application servers run on the public cloud
  • Maybe you use it for backup and archiving
  • Run your Development and testing on the Public cloud, while you run the production applications on your Private cloud
  • Implement your Disaster Recovery on the Public cloud

Single pane of view and management for Hybrid Clouds
Irrespective of what your use case may be, we will design and implement a Cloud Orchestration platform that will help you manage your Private Cloud and Public cloud resources from a single management console. For example, you will have a single service catalog to provision resources on both your Public and Private Clouds. Your users can also have a single view of charge-backs across both clouds.

A single self-service catalog for the Public and Private Clouds with automated provisioning and quota management

Based on your design, we can implement any solution you need – whether it is a single application that straddles Public and Private clouds, or services that reside on either. We will configure and execute the Orchestration platform to provide you a single pane of view and management across both Clouds. Our monitoring teams will monitor and manage all your Cloud services for performance and security.

Technologies we work with

Virtualization KVM, VMware Workstation, VMware Fusion, Hyper-V, Windows Virtual PC, Xen, Parallels Desktop for Mac, Oracle VM Server for SPARC, VirtualBox and Parallels Workstation
Orchestration platform OpenStack, CloudStack, Eucalyptus, Open Nebula, VMWare V Cloud, Microsoft System Center. BMC CLM, ServiceNow CLM

Our teams have over a decade’s experience in Virtualization and cloud technologies. We have architected and delivered Private and Hybrid Clouds to large enterprises. We partner with global technology leaders and our solutions span proprietary and open source platforms. All our solutions are designed to meet each customer’s unique requirements. We have experience in several Cloud orchestration platforms.

A Private or Hybrid Cloud once implemented calls for skills in management and automation. We provide round the clock monitoring and remediation services. Our advanced services include dedicated Help Desks and service engineers located on client premises.

Need a Private or Hybrid Cloud? Or maybe you would like us to manage an existing Cloud?
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