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Cloud Lifecycle Management - Best Cloud Services providers

Crimson Cloud Management Platform builds takes the complexity out of your Cloud operations, and provides a rich set of tools for automating many repetitive tasks, while providing you a single unified console to view and manage all your Cloud Services.

Platform (CMP)

Building agility while taking the complexity out of Cloud operations management

An expanding footprint on the public and private clouds present several management challenges. You will be required to collate and consolidate service invoices from multiple providers, aggregate and manage multiple logins, track usage of services by different departments manually, and constantly monitor usage to ensure that all provisioned resources are indeed used. This results in slow user response and considerable loss in agility despite adoption of the CloudCrimson CMP is a modular and flexible Cloud management platform to automate your cloud operations and provide a single pane of glass view across public and private Cloud implementations. You get a single unified Management console from which you can view and manage all your Cloud operations. Self service, operations automation, and Compliance management add operations muscle to your cloud.

Crimson CMP–
CLM as
a Service

Complete Cloud Lifecycle
Management platform for a
monthly fee

Pay as you use
It is available on a subscription model, and you pay a monthly subscription to simplify your cloud operations – Public and Private.

Choose a management option that suits you best
You can manage the CMP on your own, use our shared Cloud Management team, or use our resource augmentation services to get your own exclusive Cloud administrator.

Self Service Catalog
List all your Cloud Services (Private or Public) in a self service catalog. Attach subscription charges to each catalog item. Users can choose their services from the catalog and place an order. Set policy for entitlements.

Automated Provisioning – empower users
You can design several services to be automatically provisioned. Authorized users can provision their services without any intervention from the IT department, truly empowering users.

Your users can be organized into departments or business units. At the end of each month, the software calculates the cost of services consumed, and presents an itemized total by user, service and department.

Billing Consolidation
Crimson CMP consolidates all invoices from multiple providers into a single view.

Compliance and Configuration Management
You can provision servers to be automatically compliant with various security standards such as PCI-DSS, SOX, DISA, CIS etc. This is a feature out-of-the-box. Also generate compliance reports as needed. You can also monitor configurations and automatically reset any configuration drifts.

Manage multiple services
Users can manage servers, storage, and software from a single console. All the management features allowed by API’s are available through the software such as:  Start/Stop/Shutdown/Decommission VM’s.

Automate your Operations
Crimson CMP provides for Script based platform and infrastructure deployments.

Public Cloud Integrations
AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, O365 and more.

Private Cloud
Integrations with VMWare, Microsoft, RedHat, OpenStack, CloudStack, VMWare V Cloud, Microsoft System Center.

Test Drive our Cloud Management Platform.
Contact us for a Demo and POC.

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