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Whether you are drawing up a Cloud Strategy, considering migrating some applications to the Cloud, automating repetitive Cloud tasks, implementing SysOps, DevOps, or setting up a ‘born in the Cloud’ business application – draw on our experience to help you architect robust and secure solutions.

Cloud Migration

Ensuring success with Cloud migration calls for expertise and experience in Cloud and IT infrastructure.

Migrating to the cloud
is a complex decision

Our team will assess your applications for Cloud readiness. For technically feasible applications, a solution will be architected detailing Cloud infrastructure elements and their configurations. Cloud service providers are also evaluated on cost and technical parameters, and we recommend providers who are a best fit, after factoring in performance and cost optimization.

A detailed project plan will be developed that addresses the when, what and how of the actual migration. Robustness of the solution, security, minimum downtime, and seamless switchover will be prime considerations of the plan.


Private and
Hybrid Cloud

We configure and implement orchestration platforms that offer you a single pane of view and unified management console for Public and Private Clouds

Seamless integration between
the public and the private

Enterprises that desire to build agility into their IT without losing control over hardware access often choose to set up a private cloud. Apart from control, other business drivers that lead to the adoption of a private or hybrid cloud model are:

  • Requirements of security compliance
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Need to leverage existing investments in hardware and
  • Technical feasibility of migration that points to preference of a private or hybrid cloud over the public cloud.

Our teams have delivered hundreds of Virtualization and Cloud projects. At Crimson, we have skills across the entire IT Infrastructure stack – Compute, Storage, Security, Virtualization, Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Clouds. It is this expertise across technology streams that helps us architect sound and secure Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions. Our Hybrid Cloud solutions help users provision and access services between Private and Public Clouds seamlessly.

We have skills in multiple Private Cloud technologies and orchestration platforms. We leverage our skills and experience to design Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions that bring out the true benefits of agile IT: speed, self service, service catalogs, automated provisioning, chargeback, SysOps, DevOps and more.

Protect your IT investments and build an agile IT by implementing a Private Cloud. Lower costs and accelerate products to market by adopting a Hybrid Cloud strategy.


Security in
the Cloud

Whether you need to comply with Security Standards or need a holistic Security Solution for your Cloud, we have the experience built over many successful projects.

Crimson helps you address and mitigate Internet Security threats. We help you protect your infrastructure and applications.

Many organizations need to comply with security standards such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 etc. Enterprises seek to build security into all their critical business processes independent of any compliance requirement. However security in the Cloud operates very differently from on-premise security compliance and security solutions. Cloud also brings with it new threats and vulnerabilities associated with no direct control over hardware.

Large Cloud Service Providers have implemented several security measures. We factor these in while designing your cloud security. The Security team is trained and expertise certified by Cloud service providers such as AWS and Azure. Our teams have a 360 degree understanding of Security on the cloud, and on-premise security. They are also trained and certified on several security standards such as ISO 27001, CEH, CISA and others.


Disaster Recovery
as a Service

Disaster Recovery has never been easier and surer. Use Crimson’s ‘On the Cloud’ DR as a Service. Near zero RTO and RPO. No investments in identical hardware. An easy to implement solution that ensures DR is always available.



Automate your software development lifecycle and shorten your time to market. Achieve this by leveraging our expertise and automation tools to implement DevOps in your organization. Deploy Crimson OpsTheater and build process controls that enforce planned workflows while retaining agile development processes.



We help our customers evaluate, design and implement customized mobility solutions in the enterprise to enable secure mobile device management, application management and content management.



Gain complete visibility into IT Infrastructure changes and Data Access. Unified IT audit platform, tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Helps you meet Compliance requirements of PCI, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA and ISO 27001.


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