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Cloud Migration - Best Cloud Services providers

Ensuring successful migration to the cloud is a complex process. It requires a thorough technical assessment of the on-premise workload. It also calls for an expertise in infrastructure, databases, in-depth knowledge of Public Cloud provider’s architecture, technologies, tools and pricing.


We follow a structured methodology to assess the feasibility of migrating an application to the Cloud

Following a thorough analysis of the workload, our consulting team provides a migration plan that covers every single detail required for a successful migration. We follow a structured methodology in developing a migration plan.

Workload Assessment
Following are some of the factors we consider during our assessment:

  • Upstream and downstream dependencies and evaluation of implications of migration to the cloud
  • User and/or customer impact post migration
  • A cost-benefit analysis accompanied with a details of direct and indirect cost implications, and re-purposing of existing infrastructure
  • Ease of Portability, of the workload to the public or hybrid cloud
  • Workload performance assessment across relevant geographies
  • Feasibility of complying with Security standards (such as HIPAA or PCI-DSS) that may be applicable to the workload and the organization
  • Storage, disaster recovery and business continuity implications
  • Ease of roll-back in the event of unforeseen problems
  • Assessment for best-fit Service Provider for Public Clouds

Important: Based on our Assessment, it is possible that our recommendation could also be, to avoid moving the workload to the cloud.

The Migration

Our Migration Blueprint provides a detailed plan that includes vendors, architecture, configurations, security measures and estimated costs

Based on the Assessment, we draw up a detailed architecture and Migration plan. This will serve as a blueprint for implementation. Here are some details that our Migration plan will cover:

Technical architecture
A detailed technical diagram that will list servers, operating systems, network details, DNS requirements, SSO and SSL design, bandwidth assessments, storage, backup, load-balancing, application delivery, backup devices, business continuity design.

Vendor and Provider data
The Migration Blueprint will list out recommended service providers. It will also list out the Bill of Materials and Services – as detailed in the provider’s catalogs.

Migration plan
A detailed project plan with all the infrastructure details, milestones, people, tools, recommended vendors and an initial cost estimation. It will also cover training needs pre and post deployment to the cloud. Detailed workload monitoring and management plan will also be a part of the migration plan. Roll-back and contingency plans will be developed.

the Migration

We adopt a Project Management approach to implementing your migration

Implementation is always from a Migration plan, and if one does not exist, we make the plan taking into consideration all parameters detailed earlier as part of our Migration consulting.

Technical review
We review the technical details in the plan, and revisit the Cloud architectural plan to ensure that performance and cost are optimized. Any changes from the time of the plan to the time of implementation will be precipitated by this exercise and suitable changes made to the plan.

Project Management
A project plan is made with timelines and milestones. Project members are identified within Crimson and Client, and the project is kicked off. We follow best practices in Project Management.

Test, transition and sign-off
The Migration implementation is tested at different stages, and subjected to a pre-defined and agreed upon testing by our teams and users. On successful testing, the transition plan gets into play and project sign-off is done once the Application is successfully migrated to the Cloud.

Why Crimson
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Our technical teams have migrated several applications to the Public Cloud. We have worked with all the major Cloud Providers and our team has several Solution Architects. Our extensive partner ecosystem ensures support across several Cloud technologies and platforms. We understand security and security compliance on-premises and in the Cloud.

Our teams have extensive experience in IT infrastructure, spanning servers, storage, networking, virtualization, power, telephony and many business and enterprise productivity applications.

Our managed services include monitoring and managing your applications and cloud infrastructure for availability, security and performance.

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