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DR as a Service - Best Cloud Services providers

In today’s shared computer environment and outward facing to Customers and Partners, business demands on IT services continuity for the Small and Medium sized business. Failure and down time are no longer an option, resiliency is an increasing critical priority for the business. More stringent recovery time object (RTO) / least amount of down time is expected to meet the compliance / regulatory requirements.

As per the research study,
⦁ 35% of small to medium sized business have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place.
⦁ 20% of small to medium sized business will suffer a major disaster causing loss of data every five years
⦁ 43% of companies that suffer major data loss never reopen for business and another 51% shut down within 2 years

The cause(s) of your most significant disaster declarations or major business disruptions are:

As a result, preparation for continuation or recovery of systems is crucial for the business in the event of disruptive event.
Crimson Cloud offers scalable Cloud underlying second physical site on-demand model as a service to meet the seamless continuation of infrastructure critical to your business and ensure business as usual with the least amount of down time.
Subject Matter Expertise (SME) from Crimson Cloud help your business to secure your IT environment that govern your data, controlled by our secure platform by provisioning your computing needs as per industry standards and compliance to the meet the business resilience.

Traditional way of provisioning Second Physical site (Secondary site)

  • Can’t keep with ever growing storage demands and recovery time objective for exploding data growth, access to data 24 * 7 * 365 and complex IT environment with greater mixes of OS, virtual platforms and applications
  • Upfront cost to setup your IT systems in second physical site in different zone other than the primary zone to meet geography redundancy
  • On-going operational cost to maintain and manage the IT systems in second physical site
  • Hardware and software upgrades to meet the best IT practices without disturbing the user productivity
  • Subject matter expertise to design, implement, test and manage the disaster recovery methods for complex IT environment

Advantage from Crimson Cloud

  • You can replicate the primary site data to second physical site and bring DR site on line within the agreed recovery time objective and trigger services over the internet connection from anywhere and anytime
  • You can test and try before fully adopting at much lesser prices
  • No upfront investment, optimized on-going expenses and it is offered As-a-service.
  • Pay as per use – So you have to pay monthly once for the resource to synchronize the state from the primary site to the cloud on the normal operation. Once the disaster is detected, you have to pay for the additional resource on-line to use the Cloud
  • Data is fully encrypted & secured
  • The data availability is more than Nine 9s
  • No headache on management – Our expert team manages your disaster recovery

The service offering covers

  • Consulting in assessing the IT infrastructure that are crucial for the business
  • Defining and designing the DR services required
  • Deploying the DR services and testing the DR functions
  • Managing & supporting the DR services

The typical Architecture of DR solution using AWS Cloud with CloudEndure as a Replication software

Partial list of Supported Applications and Operating system and IT infrastructure Environment

Advantages of Crimson’s Disaster recovery as a service

  • AWS Compute and Storage infrastructure can provide the unmatched availability of 99.5%
  • Cost optimized staging Area on Target AWS Cloud Infrastructure
  • Data replication to the Target AWS Cloud without impacting the performance on Production
  • Recovery point objective may be as close as to few minutes than hours or days
  • Automated orchestration of Target environment in case of Disaster
  • Automated machine conversion – Systems can boot in dissimilar Infrastructure as against the process of some of the traditional approach
  • Multi-tier Disaster recovery for various workloads depending the criticality
  • Automated fail-back services when the Primary resumes normal operations
  • Enterprise Grade security – The Data is replicated using AES 256 Bit encryption in transit, for security

We do the following to enable your disaster recovery services

  • Assess your business risks & impact and decide on the backup & disaster recovery methods
  • Configure the Cloud storage and the devices identified for the backup & disaster recovery
  • Test the DR site and run it into live schedule for different scenarios and how effectively it can be tested
  • As and when operation change, DR plan can change along side
  • Monitor regularly it continuous to meet the requirement of business overtime and Manage the same and provide reports

The backup & recovery methods

  • We use small share of resources to synchronize state from the primary site to the AWS Cloud or any other supported Cloud or second physical site on a continual basis.
  • Once the disaster is detected, allocate additional resources/infrastructure to continue the business as usual
  • For high data volumes,

  • We copy the data in an encrypted storage such as AWS Snowball or Azure Import Export services
  • Send it to the Cloud Data center for the restoration in the designated storage volume
  • Subsequently, data is replicated in incremental. It avoids the internet bandwidth challenges

The Support

  • Our Unified service desk (USD) is available 24*7*365 to support you on any administration & technical challenges
  • Our Managed services operation center Monitors and manages the backup and recovery services on 24*7*365
  • Our technical support team is at hand whenever you need support

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