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Backup as a Service - Best Cloud Services providers

Protect yourself against data disasters with CrimsonVault Backup as a Service. CrimsonVault gives you Elastic Storage, Backup anything anywhere, Easy Restore, Expert Service Assurance.

Are you
prepared for
data disasters?

Data disasters strike at unexpected times in unexpected ways….media corruption, floods, earthquakes, fires, theft and sabotage. Loss of data can have extremely adverse effects on your business. The only insurance against data disasters is to have a sound backup policy and unfailingly execute it.

Backup is no
longer expensive

In the past, developing and executing a comprehensive backup policy required extensive IT skills, and high capital investments in storage systems. With the advent of Cloud, you no longer need to plan for or invest in expensive storage systems with huge capacity meant to last for five or seven years. You can scale your storage up or down dynamically, and pay only for what you use.

Our Storage
Experts design
and execute your Backups

You do not need to hire your own storage experts. Our storage experts will take care of your complete storage lifecycle: from developing a backup policy, setting up automated storage to the cloud, and restoring backups in the event of a data disaster.

Backup as a

We help you design your backup policy, identify data for local storage, and data that is to be backed up in the Cloud. Our team will securely back up your data to the cloud, and take care of the monitoring and management. Do away with capital investments, and pay only for what you use.

Secure Backups

Your data is encrypted during backup to the cloud, and is also stored on the storage media in an encrypted mode. You have a choice of encryptions: AES 256-bit source side encryption, SSL encryption in transit and/or Server side encryption.

Backup anything

CrimsonVault backs up servers, desktop, bare metal backup, MS SQL Server, Oracle, WHS, SBS, Linix, Virtualized infrastructure (VMware , Hyper-v) and Mac. We also provide bidirectional synchronization of data across remote servers. No matter where your data resides, we will back it for you on any of the Cloud Service Providers such as Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure.

Efficient and
full featured

We can schedule your backup or do it in real-time. Bandwidth consumption can be controlled using the bandwidth throttling feature. Do a Block level or incremental backup, Get email notifications of successful and failed backups. Your backup options are not locked to one destination: Apart from cloud, you can keep a local backup on any external hard disk, or anywhere on the network.

Easy Restore

Whether you want to test your data backups, or need a quick restore in the event of a disaster, you can easily restore using our self-service portal. Alternatively our storage experts will perform a quick restoration. Our tools ensure accurate and fast data transfers.

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