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Design and Implementation of a Big Data solution on AWS Cloud - Best Cloud Services providers

The client is a large software development company focusing on delivering customized applications and data solutions to healthcare firms. Its prime focus is on Data migration, data integration , data management and Business Intelligence. The company has a significant presence in the US healthcare market. One of its clients needed a Big Data solution on AWS, and Crimson Cloud was the client’s choice after extensive evaluation of many Cloud solution providers and Cloud system integrators.

The Challenge

The Client had a very large database on Oracle, from which they needed to develop a new data model and migrate all the data to a new data lake. The volume of data that needed conversion in a short time frame posed a major challenge. More so, because they had adopted an agile development model. A combination of these two factors made it difficult for them to predict and plan for on-prem infrastructure.

Another requirement of the client related to Cloudera. The Client intended to use Cloudera for big data development. Their requirements here were:

  • Architecting the cloud for deployment with agility, high availability, requisite security for compliance
  • Determining the Cloudera licensing required on the cloud
  • Enabling developer collaboration across different geographies in a sandbox environment, Shortening the development to deployment time

Crimson Cloud’s Solution

Crimson designed and deployed a solution leveraging Cloudera Director and Cloud Formation template. The solution also provided complete automation for Cloudera cluster management through Cloudera Director console.

The sandbox (development) Cloudera management node was integrated with AWS API to provision and de-provision AWS infrastructure components based on business and technical need.

Benefits of Crimson Cloud’s solution

  • Quick creation of data lake farms
  • A security compliant, agile and scalable cloud architecture optimized for cost and performance
  • Single pane of glass to manage and monitor Cloudera components (including infrastructure)
  • Faster deployment of development environment with least user interruption