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Migrating Web Applications to AWS Cloud for a Diversified Business Group - Best Cloud Services providers

The client is a diversified business group with businesses in fragrances, electronics, and essential oils and sales across India, and exports to over 50 countries. Crimson is the exclusive Cloud partner of the client. Crimson helps the client with deployment, management and architecting all the group company applications in cloud.

The Challenge

The client had ten of its group companies hosting over fifty web applications in saturated on-premises and hosting environments. It was getting to be very difficult for the IT team to manage and monitor all the applications. Moreover the Development team was unable to adopt ‘agile development lifecycle’ methodology because of infrastructure limitations.

Their applications were designed in, and for a monolithic architecture and hence it could not leverage the benefits of the Cloud. Also the Devops processes and tools were not configured to implement CI/CD (Continuous integration and Continuous development ). All the development and staging code was applied to production servers without any sandbox environments.

Crimson Cloud’s solution

At the outset, Crimson designed a solution for each of the applications to make it cloud-ready, thereby enabling it to leverage the cloud benefits of scalability, agility and security.

Crimson then worked with the development team of the client to integrate cloud services into their existing application and leverage SLA based scalability, high availability and ensure predictable performance enhancement.


All web applications were migrated to AWS cloud infrastructure and enabled centralized access. Also segregated application infrastructure with network, storage and compute isolation. As a result of these measures development, production and staging environment code deployment cycle became streamlined using simplified Devops processes and tools.

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