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Company: Wonderla Holidays Ltd

CIO: Ms. Jijy Oommen

About Wonderla

Wonderla Holidays Limited is India’s largest and the most popular amusement park operator in India. The company currently owns and operates three amusement parks in Kochi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad respectively and a resort inside the Bengaluru Park. Wonderla stands for an energising and memorable outing for visitors of all ages and help them #GetCloser. Wonderla parks have been visited by over 3.5 crore people since 2000 making them the most visited amusement parks in India. It has also been consistently ranked as India’s No.1 amusement park and Asia’s 6th best amusement park as per Trip Advisor ranking. Wonderla has the best safety record among Indian parks and all its parks are ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

Project Brief

In early 2017, Wonderla embarked on the journey of Cloud Computing with a very clear strategic objective to make its Information Technology truly ‘Next Generation Ready’ Within a year’s time, Wonderla has already migrated many of its mission-critical applications like Oracle E-Business Suite – ERP System, Online Booking Platform and NPS based customer feedback analytics platform to the AWS cloud.

Wonderla has also implemented a CloudBerry software-based backup automation system for backing up data from desktops, laptops, and servers on to a centralized storage infrastructure in AWS cloud. Wonderla has built a true hybrid cloud infrastructure with connectivity between its On-Premise data centers and public cloud through redundant VPN tunnels which enabled seamless integrations between on-premise and cloud-based applications.

Wonderla has deployed multiple security tools and protocols to ensure no security breach on both private and public-facing applications.

Wonderla’s cloud infrastructure and applications are centrally monitored through 24×7 NOC of Crimson Cloud.

Business Benefits Obtained

Cloud strategy has helped Wonderla maintain almost 100% uptime and high performance for its mission critical applications. Since Wonderla business has a high seasonal impact, public cloud gives a great deal of flexibility to manage workloads efficiently and cost effectively.

Wonderla’s test and development infrastructure are also hosted in cloud which helped in delivering new applications and application changes far more seamlessly than before. The classical example is GST transition phase during which Wonderla had to setup multiple test and development instances within quick turnaround times. Hence, Cloud strategy has helped Wonderla IT to maintain a high level of agility and also helped IT leadership to focus on digital transformations by bringing up new applications and technology enabled services and also strengthen end points rather than focusing on maintenance and modernization of legacy infrastructure.