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Disaster Recovery on AWS Cloud - Best Cloud Services providers

The case study


The client is one amongst India’s largest and the most popular amusement park operator. The parks have been visited by over 3.5 crore people since 2000 making them the most visited amusement parks in India. It has also been consistently ranked as India’s No.1 amusement park and Asia’s 6th best amusement park as per Trip Advisor ranking. 

Problem Statement

As part of our client’s vision to achieve Digital Transformation with an objective of enabling it’s Information Technology truly ‘Next Generation Ready’, Crimson Cloud Private Limited successfully migrated application and infrastructure workloads to the Mumbai region of AWS Cloud. This includes a business critical ERP application built on Oracle EBS Suite which was supporting around 150-200 users on a daily basis. To avoid the risk of Business impact in case of any disaster, our client set out to establish the Disaster Recovery for Oracle EBS Suite. However they faced with the below challenges,

  • High infrastructure cost of maintaining secondary application and database instances for Disaster Recovery purpose that may occur very rarely.
  • When the disaster occurs, the client’s business team mandates SLA of near-zero RPO(Recovery Point Objective) and 2 hours of RTO(Recovery Time Objective).
  • Their business team wasn’t ready to invest huge sums of money in application and Oracle database licenses to meet the DR needs.

Hence our client was looking for a seamless cloud-based solution that can resolve all the above challenges and even satisfy the compliance as per their business policy.


As a Digital Transformation partner, Crimson Cloud Private Limited proposed and implemented AWS Cloud to host all the application and database workloads. While it helped to achieve agility, flexibility, elasticity and cost saving, Disaster Recovery was a major concern due to Oracle License and Replication costs associated with Oracle E-Business Suite. Below is a high-level proposed solution to achieve the Disaster Recovery for Oracle E-Business Suite workloads.

  • Disaster Recovery solution by leveraging CloudEndure and AWS services for block-level replication to another AWS region with the objective of meeting near zero RPO and 2 hours RTO.
  • Configured replication of Oracle database server continuously from the source region to the target region using CloudEndure. CloudEndure utilizes Block level and Continuous Data Replication technology which ensures that the target machines are spun up in their most up-to-date state during a disaster or DR drill testing. Unlike snapshot-based replication, Continuous Data Replication enables the client to continue normal IT operations during the entire replication process without performance disruption or data loss.  In the case of failback, one needs to manually initiate the replication of database from the secondary region to the primary region.
  • DR for Oracle E-business suite application is achieved by copying the EC2 AMI image from primary region to secondary region on a periodical basis which is stored in S3 storage by utilizing Nutanix Beam’s(Third party software used for Billing and Cost Optimization) automation feature. During the disaster or DR drill, EC2 instances are recovered from the AMI image.
Figure 1: Architecture Diagram for Business Applications with DR set up

Architecture Diagram for Business Applications with DR set up


Cloud strategy has helped our client maintain almost 100% uptime and high performance for its mission-critical applications. Since their business has a high seasonal impact, the public cloud gives a great deal of flexibility to manage workloads efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our client has seen a significant savings of over 80% on disaster recovery solution by utilizing CloudEndure, Amazon S3, AMI Images, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail and Trusted Advisor tools.




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